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Are there differences between regular smoke detectors vs. monitored fire alarms in Tuscaloosa?

August 08, 2022
smoke alarm detector on the ceiling

In the Tuscaloosa smoke detector vs. monitored fire alarm discussion, it's clear that a monitored fire alarm is the better option"> for your house. Smoke detectors are an essential first step in protecting your place from a dangerous blaze, but they have some notable shortcomings. Alternatively, monitored fire alarms offer more methods to identify a potentially dangerous situation and may reach out to a monitoring team when the unthinkable happens. Pairing your fire alarms to a security system also delivers many extra perks that your regular smoke detectors would only dream about.

The limitations of standard smoke alarms in [[targetlocaion]]

Fire safety is a crucial consideration, and smoke detectors take on an essential role in shielding your family. Despite that fact, smoke detectors have various limitations. For example, they can only react to smoke, not high temps. In the event there is an emergency in your residence, you would not be cautioned unless the smoke reaches the smoke detector. While there are some other telltale indications of fire -- like a sharp increase in warmth -- if there's no smoke, there is no sounding of your smoke detector.

Additionally, smoke detectors only sound the alarm if they detect enough smoke. When a fire starts small, you might not be warned until the flames are out of control. Some smoke detectors employ dual-sensor technology, which means they will detect smoke from both a raging fire and something less intense. If they do go off, it’s required of the resident to call first responders after exiting the premises.

Monitored fire alarms provide more value than regular smoke detectors

Even though they have a similar appearance to traditional smoke detectors, monitored fire alarms offer more benefits. When integrated to a total home security package, they are able to:

  • Discern fire with multi-sensor technology: Comparable to a standard smoke detector, the monitored device will trigger from an active or passive fire. It will resonate a high-decibel warning whenever it perceives a potential disaster.
  • Detect fire due to a abrupt rise in heat: A monitored fire alarm can also trigger if it notices an unusual heat surge. Typically, heat comes in advance of smoke. More means to identify a fire leads to extra means to safeguard your family.
  • Alerts professional monitoring representatives: Fires may happen whether you are home or away. No matter of the situation, your fire alarms will notify your monitoring team, who are able to rapidly call emergency services. When every tick of the clock is critical, it's nice to know that somebody is always watching over your house.
  • Pairs with home automation: Although the chief purpose of a fire alarm is to detect an emergency and notify help, it may also integrate with other automated components. For example, a activated alarm might induce your system to start the exhaust fan to impede the spread of fire or trigger lighting so you may see the best way out of the house.

Your monitored fire alarms are an important aspect of a comprehensive smart home

The best approach to get the most from your fire alarms is to integrate them with a Vivint home security system. Speak with a Vivint specialist today and discover the ideal smart home for your needs. Place a call to (205) 964-9849 or complete the following form to take the first step toward a safer property.